Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012

[Outfit] Zerrissen & geschnürt

Noch eine Music for the Dead Ones Party: Dieses Mal mit missglücktem Flattop, Romantik-Korsett-Stilbruch und viel zu wenig Zeit zum Fotografieren...Ich hoffe, das Outfit gefällt euch trotzdem!

Another Music for the Dead Ones party: This time featuring a failed flattop, a romantic-corset-change in style and not much time for taking pictures...I hope you like the outfit all the same!

Shirt: Mister&Lady Jeans/DIY, Corset: Punk69, Skirt: DIY, Leo Tights: Headrador, Pikes: Pennangalan

Make up: Sorry, no eye close-up this time.

Thanks for reading!